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Presenting the Judges for the Grand Finals on September 3, 2019. Makati Shangrila Makati.

Adonis Tabanda is the Next Gen Musical Director who handles Morisette, Jake Zyrus, Lance Busa, Jessica Sanchez, Dulce, Rey Valera, Julie Anne San Jose, Marlo Mortel, and a lot more. He is also part of 3rd Avenue.

May Alma Sarenas is the premier concert producer right now who produced the last “Beyond Timeline” Concert with Rey Valera, Dulce and Marco Sison Russel Dionisio is part of The Infinite, who guided the whole ABSC2 Contestants. A singer and performer who is active on concerts and has a weekly gig at Cafe Lupe, Antipolo.

Keith Martin, an award winning and Grammy nominated American singer with his hit song “Because of You.” A composer and Producer.

Richard Merk is the only Jazz King in the Philippines. An Actor, Performer, Radio Host and award winning singer.

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