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This global pandemic has forced restaurants, bars, and other music industry businesses to close their doors to practice physical distancing.

However, as classes, meetings, and hangouts have moved online, and live music has made the leap as well to internet live streaming.

In a socially distanced world, where human beings need connection more than ever, home entertainment has become an all-time high. There is no surprise that social media consumption has also boomed. Video views on Facebook have increased by 247%. Youtube engagement have also increased by 50% over the period during this period.

An explosion of creativity is happening right now. What we must do is to research more and get better at your craft This quarantine is a good time for artists to get creative and let their thoughts out.

With the continuous rise of video streaming, what we must do is maximize every opportunity created by these digital platforms to boost our engagement with people. We will always invest in content creation because if we do it right now it can earn money for the artist even next year.

Keep in mind that in this global pandemic, most people are not looking for high production value. Showing vulnerability will add to the authenticity and the connection people are looking for. So always be confident and be true to yourself when creating music.

It’s a challenge but if you can get that right, it means the things you are doing now will serve you further down the line.

Adonis Tabanda

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